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Beloved by locals and visitors, cared for by community groups and organizations, riven by conflict, injustices, inequities, triumphs and failures, blessed with environmental riches and scarred by poverty, the Calumet Region is a place of poignant contradictions, breathtaking vistas, and deep histories. Sundry amateurs and professionals, individuals and organizations, have chronicled its intertwined political, economic, cultural and ecological histories. Here is a motley quilt of publicly available videos including visual histories, aerial panoramas, interpretive exhibits, personal testimonials, newsreels, documentaries, recorded talks, and archival footage. We will continue to add to this wall as we approach the date of our Congress.

great lakes • calumet • indiana dunes

gale force winds wash houses away

Ogden Dunes/Portage, Indiana

drone footage by

Timeless Aerial Photography on Youtube

March 6, 2020

four minutes 56 seconds

From wiilderness to industrial city

in postcards

"The Calumet Wilderness Series"

by Samuel Love on Youtube

January 5, 2023

3 minutes 35 seconds

chicagoland indian trails & villages

Alfred F. Sharf's 1900 map

"The Callumet Wilnderness" Series

Samuel Love, Youtube

May 9, 2022

7 minutes

endangered heritage LIST

The Calumet Region

Calumet Heritage Partners, on Youtube

November 3, 2020

3 minutes, 6 seconds


Fort Wayne, Indiana

Mossy Feet Books (podcast) on Youtube

July 2021    5 minutes 47 seconds

wetlands advocacy

Barker Seasonal Forum

"Save the Dunes" on Youtube

August 24, 2023    25 minutes 55 seconds


1933 century of progress homes

Encroaching Shoreline

"Indiana Landmarks" on Youtube

Interviews with homeowners

October 29, 2020

1 hour 25 minutes

1933 century of progress homes

from the air

Timeless Aerial Photography on Youtube

1 mile of Beverly Shores

1933 century of progress homes

original location Chicago Worlds Fair

Periscopefilm, on Youtube

archival monograph

30 seconds

"The battle for indiana"

Smithsonian Channel

September 11, 2015       4 minutes 23 seconds

glacial history of indiana dunes

@alexzman2002 on Youtube

August 19, 2010         2 minutes 46 seconds

1972 National black POlitical convention

Gary, Indiana

Rashid Sundiata on Youtube

archival footage       59 minutes 10 seconds

gary, indiana:
a tale of two cities

Vanderbilt University

Narrated by Avery Brooks

Published 2018

guaranteed in gary

2023 PBS documentary

Darryl Parham, filmmaker

by Samuel Love, Youtube

July 12, 2023

indian creek
slag contamination

Calumet Films


calumet regional archives

of Northern Indiana

This video plays only on Youtube: Visit

Nick Mantis


conservation action across calumet

Wild Things 2021

Community engagment, new habitat restoration

Published 2018

1 hour 20 minuites

the evolving calumet: a journey

Long-scale history of river life

Calumet Ecological Park Association



30 minutes

the great lakes

a brief history

The Nature Conservancy

November 22, 2011

Gary and the New Deal

Red Lining, Yellow Lining, HOLC, WPA

OurGaryStories (audio only)

April 16, 2021

47 minutes 55 seconds

Little calumet & the underground railroad

Calumet Wilderness Series

Samuel Love Channel on Youtube

July 7 2022

10 minutes 41 seconds

Marquette Park restoration prize

History and 2014 Grant Project

Indiana Landmarks on Youtube


4 minutes 19 seconds

cowles bog

Discovery Trail Indiana Dunes Tourism

11 minutes 27 seconds

national park designation

One Visitor's View

Marc on TravelDash Youtube Channel

June 14, 2023

5 minutes

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